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Date Posted:26 February 2017 

We all know how much we all pay attention to social media. Wake up, check Facebook, check Instagram, check snap chat. Today was the day Santorini Swim would be set live. While there is no stock available to purchase yet and we are only in the start up phase of organising samples, I want to make sure we have an audience ready to show our beautiful bikini's as soon as they come in! To be honest, it was a bit scary inviting everyone from Facebook to like the Santorini Swim Facebook page, I was quite nervous. 

This has been a dream of mine for a very long time but have never known the best way to go about it and had too much else on to really get into it. I found myself really wanting it lately and i have put my head down and can't wait for this journey! 

Coming soon, Santorini Swim, swimwear made of quality fabrics and flattering styles with the beauty and ocean of Santorini as my inspiration. 

Cant wait for you all to see!

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